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Phronesis Wealth Management

Phronesis Wealth Management


Helping you make smart money moves – because in retirement, every single decision matters.

At Phronesis Wealth Management, we understand that retirement marks a significant transition in your life, and every financial decision matters. You deserve to retire comfortably, and according to your vision.

With a commitment to practical wisdom, we offer guidance for your golden years, thoughtfully determining your income needs and converting your savings into a systematic paycheck. Led by CEO Richard C. Osman, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL® our seasoned team of experts provide values-based knowledge and over 50 years of combined experience to navigate even your most complex financial situation.

While we are not going to make millionaires out of everyone, our commitment lies in enhancing financial efficiency for all. It’s not necessarily only the big things that matter. It’s the accumulation of small everyday decisions that truly shape your financial well-being, and it is our goal to make sure those small decisions contribute consistent value to you and your family over the years.


Collaboration is key. You deserve a team in your corner.

At Phronesis Wealth Management, it's all about making the most efficient and practical decisions. Our team serves as your compassionate advocate, offering valuable insights and tailored solutions for your evolving financial needs.

Our intention is to help you pursue your retirement goals in the most efficient manner possible, to enable you to live your best life.  Let the team at Phronesis worry about tax laws, the economy, investment strategies, potential risk scenarios, and the other intricacies of your financial well-being.

If this makes sense to you, give us the opportunity to have a confidential discussion about your goals by scheduling a complimentary consultation in our Severna Park, Maryland office